Nomination of blocks for the 23rd licensing round

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has received proposals from 40 companies regarding which blocks they believe should be included in the 23 rd licensing round on the Norwegian shelf.

The primary focus area will be the southeastern Barents Sea. The Ministry is also accepting nominations in the Norwegian Sea and North Sea.

The numbered licensing rounds cover frontier areas on the Norwegian shelf, which have the greatest potential for large discoveries.

The companies’ nominations will be an important part of the Ministry’s decision basis as regards announcing acreage in the 23rd licensing round. Nominations in the southeastern Barents Sea will take place on the basis of the seismic data acquired by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate as part of the opening process.

The need for thorough, efficient data acquisition in this area means that the further schedule for the 23rd licensing round may be somewhat delayed, compared with an ordinary two-year schedule.

The Ministry’s proposed announced acreage will be subject to public consultation.

All areas that have been opened for petroleum activities can be nominated in the 23rd licensing round, with the following exceptions:

  • Areas covered by licences
  • Areas included in the APA area (Awards in Predefined Areas)
  • Areas for which relevant activity restrictions have been established through the various management plans for the sea areas

The invitations have been distributed to all licensees on the shelf and pre-qualified companies.

Nominations must be received by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy by 14 January 2014 at 12.00 hours. A copy of the nomination must also be submitted to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

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Contacts in the NPD:

Inger Helene Madland, tel. +47 51 87 62 92
Dag Helliksen, tel. +47 51 87 61 79

Updated: 14/03/2019