Guidelines for nominating blocks for the 23rd licensing round on the Norwegian continental shelf

The nominated blocks should be divided into two categories - "interesting" and "very interesting". The total number of nominated blocks should be limited upwards to 15. The nominations should not exceed one A4 page for each block/combination of blocks nominated.

The following aspects should be addressed:

  • Block number(s)
  • Database
  • Play / stratigraphic level
  • Hydrocarbon type
  • Estimate of resource potential (if possible)
  • Critical factors
  • Other factors

The following figures should preferably be enclosed:

  • Seismic line over the prospect(s)/lead(s)
  • Map (including co-ordinates) with outline of prospects/leads or exploration trends

Read more: Nomination of blocks for the 23rd licensing round


Contacts in the NPD:

Inger Helene Madland, tlf 51 87 62 92
Dag Helliksen, tlf. 51 87 61 79

Updated: 14/03/2019