Documentation for operator evaluation

The following information should be provided by the company as input for the evaluation:

(a) A description of what the applicant sees as the principal challenges in operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). A listing of current licence interests should be provided.

(b)Companies with no previous operator experience should explain the reasons why they are seeking a NCS operatorship.

(c) The company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Framework (Management system, Policies, Organisation, Planning, Performance Monitoring, Review and Audit, etc.).

(d) Management summary extract from the annual reports for the last three years.

(e) A list of oil or gas fields worldwide which have been or are currently being operated - if applicable. For each of the fields, include a review of the measures the company has taken to optimise recovery and a brief explanation of how these fields have performed against original expectations.

(f) The company’s employment strategy (organisational chart(s), number of employees, own staff versus consultants, outsourcing, competence requirements etc.).

(g) A description of the company’s in-house capabilities in G&G, reservoir, facilities management and field development technology. If these are not self-sufficient, what external resources are available to supplement these capabilities? Please indicate company policy regarding employing new or advanced technology and the company’s track record in introducing technology to operations.

(h) The company’s policy for training its technical staff.

(i) A description of the company’s efforts in Innovation and Research over the past five years.

Updated: 03/03/2022