3.2 - Data availability

The authorities’ access to collected and analysed data is stipulated in law and based on the following statements: “The Norwegian State has the proprietary right to subsea petroleum deposits and the exclusive right to resource management” and “The right to submarine natural resources is vested in the State”. This is regulated by The Petroleum Act (29 November 1996 No.72 1963), Regulations to the Act, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's resource regu-lations and guidelines, and Act of 21 June 1963 No. 12 “Scientific research and exploration for and exploitation of subsea natural resources other than petroleum resources”.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has access to all data collected on the NCS and has a national responsibility for the data. The NPD’s data, overviews and analyses make up an important fact basis for the oil and gas activities.

The main objective of these Reporting Requirements from the NPD is to support the efficient exploitation of Norway’s hydrocarbon reserves. More than 40 years of petroleum activity has generated a large quantity of data. This covers 2D and 3D data, data from exploration and production wells such as logs, cuttings and cores as well as test and production data. These data, together with many years of dedicated work to establish geological play models for the North Sea, have given us a good basis for the work we are presenting here.

How these data are handled is regulated in: http://www.npd.no/en/Regulations/Regulations/Petroleum-activities/



Data availability, the North Sea



Data availability, the Norwegian Sea






Data availability, the Barents Sea