The Shelf


Each year, in January, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate presents The Shelf – a summary of the past year; including results from exploration and production activity, along with investment and production forecasts for the next five years.

The Shelf in 2020 – high activity and significant investments

Activity on the Norwegian continental shelf last year remained at a high level, despite the ongoing pandemic. The year has been characterised by high production and significant investments in developments and projects on the fields.

The Shelf in 2019 – a good year overall

Activity on the shelf was high in 2019. There are considerable resources in fields and discoveries, and more yet to be discovered in all sea areas. A record number of fields are producing.

The Shelf in 2018 – Barely halfway through the Norwegian oil and gas story

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s forecasts show that, after a minor decline in 2019, oil and gas production will increase from 2020 and up to 2023. Overall production will then approach the record year of 2004.

The Shelf 2017 – High activity on the shelf

Never before has so much gas been sold from the Norwegian shelf as was the case in 2017. Oil production was down slightly; nevertheless, overall production rose for the fourth straight year.


Updated: 14/01/2021