2018 programme


The map provides an overview of the 2018 mapping area. Map: Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

The assignment in 2018 was the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's (NPD) first expedition to map the potential for seabed minerals.

The survey was conducted as a sole NPD mission without partners, but utilised experience from previous cooperation with the University of Bergen.

The expedition involved detailed mapping of the seabed associated with the northern areas of the Mohns Ridge.


Swire Seabed


AUV: 1 x Hugin 3000

Sensors: HISAS, MBES, SSS, SBP, SAS, Mag, SP, pH/ORP, Meth

ROV: Schilling (HD23)


750 line km of AUV data, 10 x ROV dives collecting geological samples. Discovered a new and partially active sulphide deposit ("Fåvne").

Detailed map of the mapping area

White lines indicate the collected data area.



News about the expedition

New deep sea mineral deposits


Updated: 08/11/2021

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