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All of our previous events from 2019-2020 can be found here.

Previous Events 2020
Organizational Decision Quality: value creation by high quality decisions
Petroleum Charge and Migration - Understanding a Major Exploration Risk on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Open hole stability in chalk- A case study on the Radial Jet Drilling technology
Webinar: The Application of Machine Learning Technology to Elastic Log Prediction  & Earth Model Generation
Webinar: Oil and Gas outlook with Covid-19 and Energy transition – Macro to NCS perspectives by Rystad Energy
Webinar: Svalbox- An interactive digital Svalbard geological-geophysical portal
Webinar: Understanding Anisotropy
Webinar: AI and Petroleum system risk assessment
Webinar: Practical 4D seismic interpretation
Webinar: Fluvial systems Virtual field school #1
Webinar: Development of Low Reservoir Quality Chalk – experiences and lessons learned from the most complex Danish chalk field


Previous Events 2019
To re-process or re-acquire? The seismic decision
Provenance in the North Atlantic
Carbonate Plays on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Integrated production optimization on Skarv
Poor Production Forecasts - Here's Why and What You can do About it
Fishbones Completion Technology
Wave-equation based AVO inversion
Salt tectonics on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Jæren Field Trip
Disentangeling Paleokarst Reservoirs
Triassic FORCE Workshop
Oil vs. Gas: What are the limits to prospect-level hydrocarbon phase prediction?
FORCE Hackathon: Applied Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics with Oil and Gas Data
Cores of the year 2019
Practical insights and techniques in seismic velocity estimation
Cretaceous Park
Advances in Integrated Biostratigraphy
The thrill at the edge: Seismic Geometry, Reservoir Architecture, Trapping Mechanism and Forward Modelling of Clinoforms
Advanced structural geological approach to understand fault systems and basin evolution
Advances in petroleum system assessment and evaluation of the possibilities for zero emission energy recovery from petroleum reservoirs
Fifty years since the first commercial discovery on NCS - lessons learned for the next generation

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