A Cityringen Journey through Danian and Danish Carbonate rocks


The FORCE Carbonate and Chalk Reservoirs network is excited to invite for this half day seminar on Danian and Danish Carbonate rock characterization, accompanied by dinner downtown Stavanger during the evening. The presenter, Nataša Katić with colleague(s), visiting from GEO in Denmark, will take us on this journey, a journey made possible thanks to the metro expansion project called Cityringen in Copenhagen.

Date Time Duration Register by Location
07.09.2022 12:00 2 Hours 02.09.2022 Odin - NPD




We will start with registration and lunch at 12:00, and the presentation will start 12:30, and is expected to be done 14:30.

Dinner @ 18:00 at SUMO restaurant - Hall Toll (Skansegata 2, 4006 Stavanger)


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Updated: 07/09/2022