Advances in petroleum system assessment and evaluation of the possibilities for zero emission energy recovery from petroleum reservoirs

FORCE and the petroleum systems group invites you to lunch & learn with Steve Larter from University Canada. The subject for the talk is Advances in petroleum system assessment and evaluation of the possibilities for zero emission energy recovery from petroleum reservoirs. The seminar will take place at Lundin in Oslo, but you can join from NPD via VC.

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You can join via VC from Stavanger, NPD

Adress:Prof Olav Hanssens vei 10, 4021 Stavanger
4003 Stavanger
Capasity: 24
Meeting room: ODIN
Arrival: 1130
Contact Linn Smerud to save a seat
Lunch will be served at 1130


Prof. Stephen Larter
Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Geology,
Associate Vice-President Research - Innovation,
Fellow of the Royal Society



Petroleum geochemistry has played a crucial role in assessing petroleum systems and constraining basin modelling applications. Recent advances in this area have resulted from extensive industry-academia collaborations relating to dating the residence age of petroleum fluids in reservoirs and looking more holistically at what the concept of "maturity", means for a petroleum sample. We describe recent advances in the dating of petroleum reservoir fluids using a calibrated application of petroleum geochemical proxies related to time-dependent natural nuclear radiation of fluids within a reservoir. We discuss the systematics of the approach and the challenges. We also discuss research aimed at translating the concept of maturity from a scalar, single measurement of a fluid, to a more realistic vector maturity approach able to assess a true quantitative charge history for a reservoir.

Finally, we look at possible routes and challenges to production of emissions free energy from fossil fuels in the ongoing energy transition, examining the feasibility of large-scale recovery of energy from petroleum reservoirs. We examine the feasibility of energy recovery in such a manner as hydrogen, ammonia or electricity, while retaining all the carbon within the reservoir.


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Updated: 06/01/2020