Disentangeling Paleokarst Reservoirs

Teaser_Karst 26 June

The FORCE Carbonate and Chalk Reservoirs Network Group invites you to a Lunch & Learn seminar on paleokarst reservoirs. The main event will be held at Lundin Norway in Oslo.



Number of attendees: 30


Jan Tveranger (NORCE – Norwegian Research Centre AS)

Paleokarst reservoirs originate from dissolution (karstification) of soluble rocks and subsequent infill and collapse. Fluids percolating through fractures and faults as well and infiltrating porous beds can dissolve carbonate rocks and create connected systems cavities. This process can occur deep in the subsurface and be driven by hydrothermal fluids, but is best known as a near-surface process, involving surface water dissolving rock and forming caves and sinkholes.

The shape and geometry of these cave systems is linked to rock properties, the orientation and spatial distribution of fault and fracture networks, climatic conditions and sea level. During burial, cave systems may gradually be filled in by sediments from the outside or by rocks originating from collapse of the roof. This produces a highly heterogeneous subsurface reservoir with properties and production behaviour that are very difficult to forecast.

In this seminar we will have a look at our fundamental understanding of paleokarst, its petrophysical properties, seismic characteristics and production behaviour—which can be linked back to the configuration of the initial cave systems.

The meeting will be held at the Lundin Norway offices in Lysaker.

Lundin Norway
Address: Strandveien 4, 1366 Lysaker
Capacity: 40
Arrival: 11:15

You can also attend via VC from the NPD offices is Stavanger.

Meeting Room: ODIN
Adress: Prof Olav Hanssens vei 10, 4021 Stavanger
Capasity: 20
Arrival: 11:15


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Updated: 06/01/2020