Triassic FORCE Workshop

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FORCE is inviting you to the FORCE Triassic Research Proposal on August 8th at NPD, Stavanger. Our aim is to discuss and establish a framework for an industry consortium to create a high resolution correlation framework for reservoir prediction in the Triassic of the Norwegian Central and Northern North Sea.

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Background: A recent Joint Industry Project at the University of Aberdeen has made significant advances in understanding the Triassic of the UK sector of the Central North Sea. We propose extending the study into the Norwegian sector using the same structure and workflows. The project is multidisciplinary integrating sedimentology, biostratigraphy and heavy mineral analysis, with AI and machine learning by combining palynology from mudstones with heavy mineral, geochemical and detrital zircon data from sandstones. Analysis of the UK data suggests a series of point-sourced, distributive fluvial systems (DFS) from the Norwegian landmass form the principal Triassic reservoir intervals in the Norwegian sector. DFS recognition is important as it provides a framework to predict channel body dimensions, connectivity, net-to-gross, heterogeneity and grain size variations based on established downstream relationships in modern and rock record examples and analogue datasets to be collected as part of the consortium.

The aim is to create the highest resolution correlation framework available for Triassic strata across the Norwegian sector of the Central and Northern North Sea. Reservoir and non-reservoir units will be mapped within this framework to predict net-to-gross, connectivity, lateral extent and reservoir quality. This will be achieved by generating new provenance and biostratigraphic data integrated into the framework established for the UKCS. Combining these data with detailed facies analysis and novel AI techniques will allow a series of high resolution paleogeographic maps to be constructed, showing reservoir distribution, quality and heterogeneity through time.



09.00   FORCE Triassic Research Proposal Outline and Introduction – Adrian Hartley & John Howell

09.15   Results - Triassic Research on UK CNS at the University of Aberdeen

                        - Outline and scope of project

    - Biostratigraphy

                        - Heavy Minerals

                        - Sedimentology

                        - Summary and Conclusions

10.45   Proposed Research Project for Triassic in the Norwegian Sector   

                        - Outline and scope of project

                        - Approaches and techniques

                        - Focus areas

11.45   Lunch

12.15   Discussion of proposed research project and outline of sponsors areas of interest

13.30   Summary of discussion, outline future plan and time frame

14.15   Finish


You can join the meeting from Oslo, see detail under:

Neptune Energy
Adress: Filipstad Brygge 1
Contact: Mette Eliassen to save a seat
Arrival: 0845
Lunch will be served


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Updated: 06/01/2020