Wave-equation based AVO inversion


The next-generation of seismic reservoir characterisation technology

The FORCE Geophysical Method Groups invites you to a lunch and learn seminar on wave-equation based AVO inversion, with presenters from Delft Inversion



Number of attendees: 18



In the E&P industry, AVO inversion is a well-established methodology to derive reservoir properties from seismic data. Traditionally, this method is based on a linearisation of seismic wave-propagation, meaning that the used data model assumes primary reflections only. In this seminar the co-founders of Delft Inversion, Peter Haffinger and Panos Doulgeris, will present a wave-equation based AVO technology.

WEB-AVO iteratively solves the wave-equation and accurately models complex wave-propagation including multiple scattering and mode conversions over the target interval. As a consequence, quantitative reservoir properties can be derived from band-limited seismic data. Another unique aspect of WEB-AVO is that it solves directly for reservoir models in terms of compressibility (inverse of bulk modulus) and shear compliance (inverse of shear modulus).

These parameters turn out to be much more suitable to detect changes in reservoir fluids and lithology than can be achieved with conventional parameterisations, e.g. acoustic impedance, shear impedance, Vp/Vs. The presentation will include a company overview, a high-level explanation of the technology and three case studies from different geological plays.


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Updated: 06/01/2020

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