Webinar: Along-strike stratigraphic response to normal fault growth: sediment sources, stacking and surfaces

Figure 12B_along-strike fans

Along strike fans

Structural Geology network group has the pleasure of inviting you to this webinar featuring Bonita Barrett, a Sr Geologist at Equinor ASA. She will be talking about "Along-strike stratigraphic response to normal fault growth: sediment sources, stacking and surfaces".

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30.06.2021 12:00 1 Hour 29.06.21 Teams




Along-strike stratigraphic response to normal fault growth: sediment sources, stacking and surfaces

Bonita J. Barrett*1, David M. Hodgson1, Richard E. Ll. Collier1, Rob Dorrell2, Christopher A.-L. Jackson3
Rob Gawthorpe4, Tim Cullen4, Christopher Lloyd3, Junia Casagrande1


*Corresponding author from Equinor ASA, Oslo, Norway. Email: bonb@equinor.com

1University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.               

2University of Hull, Hull, UK.      

3University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.     

4University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.


Normal fault growth yields an along-strike displacement distribution that is critical for controlling the evolving landscape and its preserved state, through generation of accommodation and slope gradients. From source to sink, the tectonic evolution shapes the degree of fault scarp degradation, sediment routing, style of deposition and preserved architecture. We observe and utilise along-strike architectural responses to variable allogenic controls to reduce uncertainty and improve interpretations and predictions of shallow marine, syn-rift stratigraphy around normal fault blocks. Novel geometric and volumetric approaches are applied through numerical modelling, field (Gulf of Corinth, Greece) and subsurface analysis (northern Carnarvon Basin, NW Shelf, Australia). We distinguish antecedent vs consequent basin sediment entry points, with implications on reservoir quality prediction. We unravel and quantify controlling parameters acting on a basin and constrain diachroneity of key stratigraphic surfaces, with an approach that could improve correlation uncertainty.


Bonita Barrett is a Sr Geologist at Equinor ASA, currently based in Oslo. She has a Masters degree in Geological Oceanography from Bangor University and in this presentation, will focus on her PhD work (University of Leeds) addressing tectono-stratigraphic predictions in rift basins. It will draw upon numerical modelling, field and subsurface published studies; the latter for which she recently won the 2020 Basin Research Early Career Award


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Updated: 01/07/2021