Webinar: Advanced EOR Screening for the Norwegian Continental Shelf

EOR screening

The Improve IOR/EOR Compentence Network Group invites you to a lunch and learn featuring geoscientist Craig Smalley. Craig Smalley will be talking about the advanced EOR Screening for the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

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26.11.20 12:00 60 min 25.11.20 Teams





We present a novel EOR screening approach, adding to an existing technical screening toolkit powerful new practical discriminators based on:

(1) Operational complexity of converting existing fields to new EOR processes;

(2) Environmental acceptability of each EOR process, given current field configuration;

(3) Commercial attractiveness and competitiveness.  We apply the new approach to 14 EOR processes across 85 reservoirs from 46 oilfields and discoveries on the offshore Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

When the operational, environmental and economic thresholds were included, 45% of the technical opportunities were screened out, and the overall recovery increment was ~280 MSm3, the top processes being HC miscible, low salinity/polymer, low salinity, CO2 miscible, gels.  Excluding environmental factors (i.e., assuming environmental issues could be solved by new technologies), the increment is ~340 MSm3, indicating a ~60 MSm3 prize for research into environmentally benign EOR methods.

The extension of EOR screening to include operational, environmental and economic criteria resulted in a significant re-ranking of EOR processes and field opportunities, which should help stakeholders make better-informed decisions about selection of processes for deeper study, piloting and eventual field-scale deployment.  Revealing the sensitivity of each EOR process to operational, environmental and economic factors will also help focus R&D onto the practical, as well as technical, barriers to EOR implementation.


Craig Smalley:

Craig is a geoscientist with long experience in the oil and gas industry and related R&D. He developed BP’s “reservoir technical limits” process for identifying and progressing new opportunities for increased recovery. Today Craig is a consultant on resource progression, risk and decision making, and reservoir geology.  He also holds a visiting professorship at Imperial College London where he researches EOR, reservoir connectivity and gas production/storage mechanisms. Craig has been working with the NPD for several years on EOR screening.


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Updated: 27/11/2020