Available Presentations


In this archive you will find the titles of seminars with available presentations from 2010-2018.

This archive is an overview of previous seminars between 2010 and 2018. There are not many presentations avaiable for the public, but a few has been approved by the presenters. 

Here you will find a list of seminars that has presentations available. If you need one of the presentations you must contact the secretariat for more information.

All the presentations that are available in 2019 can be found in Previous events.


Previous seminars with presentations


  • 30 years of 4D seismic on the NCS
  • FORCE Hackathon and Advances of Machine Learning on Subsurface Data
  • Joining Forces 2018
  • Underexplored plays III


  • Frontier Exploration Workshop
  • Opportunities and challenges in the southern Norwegian Barents Sea
  • Practical rock physics and inversion for exploration and production
  • Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Smartwater EOR for NCS
  • The value of CO2- how can we utilize it
  • Triassic Park
  • Uncertainty handling in static-dynamic modelling workflows
  • Water Saturation Modelling- a Multi-disciplinary Approach


  • Advances in siliciclastic and carbonate sedimentology
  • Can stratigraphic plays change the petroleum exploration outlook of Norway
  • Joining Forces 2016
  • Polymer Flooding from lab to field
  • Pre-stack seisminc data for interpretation and analysis
  • Underexplored Plays- Part II
  • OD Strat Trap Talk


  • Underexplored Plays


  • Salt tectonics seminar
  • EOR Process Modeling Workshop
  • MEOR- From theory to field implementation


  • Barents Sea Shelf- Structural Geology seminar
  • EOR Competence Building workshop
  • Joining Forces 2013
  • Norway-East Greenland Conjugate margins


  • How to reduce timesharing


  • Geohazard seminar
  • Is EOR feasible for subsea fields


  • HPHT workshop
  • Water based

Updated: 05/06/2019