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FORCE organises topical seminars, workshops and field trips. Each workshop focuses on the member companies' needs in development and demonstration of tools and methods to improve oil recovery.

The objective of the forum is to provide structured opportunities for the participants to discuss, with each other and with research institutions, universities, service companies, and/or consultants.

Several seminars are under planning and ready to be published as soon as the final details are set. These seminars are both on Improved Exploration and Improved Oil and Gas Recovery.


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10 August- 16 October

The FORCE 2020 Machine Learning Contest with Wells and Seismic


24 September

Development of Low Reservoir Quality Chalk (LRQC) – experience and lessons learned from a major Danish chalk field


1 October

Petroleum Systems Lunch & Learn (TBA)


19-23 October

Field trip to Kalavrita, Gulf of Corinth, Greece


28-29 October

Basement Highs: Formation, evolution and reservoir characterisation

10-11. November

Mind the Gap
- A workshop dedicated to the understanding of unconformities. How are they formed, what are their significance and why do we care.

17-18. November

Joining Forces


2-3 December

Ichnology of Petroleum Systems

Postponed 22-23 September 2021

Underexplored Plays IV






Updated: 03/08/2020