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FORCE organises topical seminars, workshops and field trips. Each workshop focuses on the member companies' needs in development and demonstration of tools and methods to improve oil recovery.

The objective of the forum is to provide structured opportunities for the participants to discuss, with each other and with research institutions, universities, service companies, and/or consultants.

Several seminars are under planning and ready to be published as soon as the final details are set. These seminars are both on Improved Exploration, Sustainable Recovery and Energy Effieciency and Environment. 







29. November

In-person @ the NPD: Gas vs oil production: adjusting to the new political and economic climate.



30. November

In-person @ the NPD: NSRG & FORCE presents Shallow sedimentology and implications for offshore infrastructure and renewable industries seminar.

1. December

Webinar: Traditional and machine learning techniques applied to oil-source correlation in the Norwegian Sea: Are we able to end the Spekk-ulation?



6. December

Webinar: Pre-salt reservoirs in Brazil: a quick introduction



7-8 December

In person @ the NPD: Experience Sharing: Assisted History Matching & Ensemble Modelling.





19. January

Field Trip: Site visit to the Fluid Flow Rig at University Museum of Bergen, and Northern Lights development area.


18-19 April

In person-seminar @NPD: Diagensis Seminar (not open for registration)

Updated: 17/11/2022