Fifty years since the first commercial discovery on NCS - lessons learned for the next generation


FORCE, the oil companies' own subsurface activity organization, is arranging a two-days seminar on lessons learned the past fifty years on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The aim of the seminar is a venue where young and old professionals can meet and learn.

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This special event takes place at Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, located in the heart of Stavanger city centre. 

The organizing committee invites you to hear our most important and memorable stories covering the fifty years since the first discovery on NCS.

Preliminary program for download here! 

Fifty years since the first discovery on the NCS- Lessons learned for the next generation

Speakers will be part of the old guard who were vital in the early years when the foundation of the Norwegian oil adventure started and key decision makers in both the political arena and in the development of technology and knowledge. The seminar will be opened by Ms. Bente Nyland, the director of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Dr. Karl August Fleischer, and Mr. Gunnar Berge and Karl-Edwin (Kalle) Mannshaus will participate in a round table session on the political situation at the onset of the petroleum business. Topics like the law of the sea, the agreement on the subdivision of the North Sea continental Shelf and the petroleum laws will be discussed.

A second round table on G&G with Mr. Hans Rønnevik, Jakob Bleie, Anders Farestveit and TBA will discuss the geophysical progress made over the years, the growing knowledge of the petroleum systems and the geology based on new wells and continuous improvement of seismic processing and imaging.

The round tables will be followed by a series of case stories of the major oil and gas fields held by representatives from the major operators.

Day two will start with IOR/IOGR and deal with the Troll gas machine and the history of the Norwegian gas system where technology development was a key factor for the success. Other topics are seismic evolution, modelling tools (software and hardware) and related technologies in production.

After lunch will deal with the Mid Norway and the Barents Sea developments. These areas required a leap in technology based on the experiences from the North Sea and led to many significant oil and gas discoveries and fields.

Mr. Hans Rønnevik will talk about the Johan Sverdrup discovery and demonstrate how careful assembly of all available data led to the discovery.

NPD will give us the NPD’s view of the future in exploration the next ten to twenty years. The seminar will conclude with a summary of what has been learned and achieved these fifty years – lessons learned for next generation.

Download flyer here.

Organizing committee
Kjell-Sigve Lervik - Chairman
Knut Henrik Jakobsson - retired, NPD
Hroar Hermansen - ConocoPhillips
Chris Parry - Spirit Energy 
Espen Brastein - Suncor 
Johanna Ravnås - DEA Group
Carlo Cavalli - INEOS 
Matthieu Irondelle - Equinor 
Björn Lindberg - Norsk Oljemuseum
Ingebret Gausland - retired, Equinor
Tone Helene Mydland - NPD


Updated: 30/10/2019