In-person Seminar @NPD: Faults from seismic interpretation to geo-model and flow simulator

fault from seismic

The Force Structural Geology Network Group will arrange a 2-day seminar with physical attendance and an evening-dinner for networking. Deadline for abstracts April 14th.

Date Time Duration Register by Location
31.05-01.06 2023 09:00 2 Days 24.05.2023 TOR - NPD


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Meeting room might be subject to change!


This is a great opportunity for you to present your work by submitting a short abstract on the following topics:

  • Geophysical aspects, Seismic imaging and processing, ML of fault interpretation
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Fault Modelling & building the structural framework
  • Fault identification from core and image log
  • The effects of faults in flow simulation

Case histories from industry, theoretical aspects, and demonstration of application of tools and methods are welcome. Students are also encouraged to present their work.

There are also plans for a short workshop displaying faults in core from NSC

Short abstract format is:  ½ to 1 page, maximum 1 figure

Please send your abstract to: within the deadline of April 14’th 2023.

Updated: 13/03/2023