Joining Forces – Industry Perspectives

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Welcome to a 2-day seminar and dinner. The ambition of the forum is to promote communication between the oil & gas industry and the Norwegian Earth Sciences and Petroleum Engineering Research Institutes to bring about valuable R+D projects. The agenda will include sessions focusing on the GGRE aspects of improved exploration and production (Oil and Gas recovery) which is in line with the two FORCE Technical groups.

Date Time Duration Register by Location
25.03.2020   2 days   Valhall


The focus for the event is to provide the opportunity for industry to share their perspectives on R&D: what are our challenges; what do we want R&D to focus on; what are our R&D strategies. There will be several short presentations from different companies providing a range of views on R&D requirements for the Petroleum industry in Norway.

In addition, we anticipate having a selection of presentations from the Research Departments and there will be facility for posters on specific projects.

The “Organising Committee” comprises individuals from Force technical and management groups, as well as University representatives to provide perspectives at an organizational level. Please feel free to also contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.



Updated: 21/01/2020