Gulf of Corinth field trip


The FORCE Structural Geology network invites you again to this great field trip located on the southern margin of the Gulf of Corinth basin.

Please note! Due to the Covid-19 situation and depending on the final number of participants, we have a binding registration, given that the field trip can be arranged. The payment link will be sent after the sign-up deadline. 

Date Time Duration Register by Location
19.10.2020   5 days 15.09.2020 Gulf of Corinth


register knapp-event.jpg



Approximately NOK 8000. The price is the same for members, non-members and students.



Payment is made online by credit card. Please note that no refunds will be given after you have signed up. If you for any reason can not attend the workshop, you are welcome to send a representative, just inform Tone Helene Mydland as soon as there are changes.



Updated: 01/04/2020