Petroleum charge and migration

Monterrey Fm, California. Miocene carbonate/evaporitic source rock.

The Petroleum Systems network group is delighted to announce its first Seminar, focusing on furthering our understanding of petroleum charge and migration. The seminar is a two day event taking place at NPD.

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Join us for 2 days with detailed discussion of petroleum charge and migration, with a variety of case studies from the Petroleum Industry, academic, service and governmental institutions show-casing discoveries and lessons learned from dry wells as well as approaches for reducing the risk associated to these key petroleum system elements.

The dinner will be on thursday evening. More information to come.






FORCE seminars have previously been fully booked with waiting lists so you are encouraged to sign up as soon as you know you will attend.

Participant fees for 2 days seminar + dinner
FORCE member: NOK 1500,-
Non-member NOK 3000,-
University/student NOK 500,-

Important information:
You can register as a FORCE member and pay "FORCE member" price if you are an employee of a member company.
All FORCE member companies are listed here.

Payment is made online by credit card. Please note that no refunds will be given after you have signed up. If you for any reason can not attend the workshop, you are welcome to send a representative, just inform Linn Smerud as soon as there are changes.

Updated: 18/11/2019