Webinar: Multiproxy biostratigraphy: Recent and future advances in the application and technologies

FORCE biostratigraphy Group invites you to a series of 3 half- day meetings on the afternoons of 26th-28th October 2021 and extends an invitation to anyone who would like to present.

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Call for Abstract

Talks are welcome on any aspect of biostratigraphy and its applications.

Abstract deadline: September 15 2021(Abstract length not to be longer than one page).

Talk length: 20min + 5min Q (possibility for longer talks, please let us know if you require more time).


As COVID restrictions preclude the traditional desired core viewing session, people are also welcome to send in any films showing core.

Talks and participation from Students are particularly encouraged.

Registration will open after the Summer vacation. 


Please send any suggestions for talks to one of the Organizing Committee


Kasia Sliwinska (kksl@geus.dk)

Sofie Lindström (sli@geus.dk)

Patricia Embry (pkov@equinor.com)

Robert Williams (Robert.Williams@npd.no)

Paul Milner (paul.stephen.milner@akerbp.com)

Updated: 01/07/2021