Data Analytics, Machine Learning and data centric workflows

Our main object is to increase the knowledge of modern data analytics, machine learning and AI applications on subsurface data ranging from production data to geophysics/ geology and written reports.


Geoscientists, data scientists and other oil and gas professionals who are interested in the application of machine learning and data analysis in the oil and gas realm.

This network is cross disciplinary in scope despite being organized in Improved Exploration. It is intended for members from all other networks group who have an interested in data analytics and machine learning.  Other Force network members can have  a dotted line to this network and can use it to front their data analytics and machine learning ideas , presentations etc.

The Data Analytics, Machine Learning and data centric workflows network group will help others facilitating workshops etc and will also arrange independent events.



  • 1-3 workshops / presentations per year
  • Hackathons
  • Global machine learning competitions with oil and gas related data
  • 1-2 day symposiums focusing on recent advances of using machine learning in the oil and gas industry


Network Members per 10.01.2023


Peder Aursand, Odd Kolbjørnsen Aker BP
Pål Johnsen AS Norske Shell
Andres Hatloy, Peter Bormann ConocoPhillips
Elliot Humphrey, David Wade Equinor
Fjalar Reynisson Harbour Energy
Yuefeng Gao Lime Petroleum
Odd Kolbjørnsen Lundin Norway
Petter Dischington NPD
Anders Haavik Neptune Energy Norge
Berthilde Maud Schelstraete Pandion
Martha Ramirez Helleren, Carlos Izurieta PGNiG
Mark Ackers, Akram Ourir, Tor Atle Wicklund Sval Energi
Kay Sørbø Wintershall Dea


Updated: 10/01/2023