Petroleum Systems



Recognising and characterising different Petroleum Systems is a multidisciplinary task that requires knowledge of all petroleum system elements that go into prospect evaluation; trap, reservoir, source, migration, and retention (seal). The topics covered are hence of importance for all disciplines involved in petroleum exploration, accordingly we hope this Force network group will be of interest to geoscientists with a variety of different backgrounds.

The main goal of the network group is to establish a network and forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and research results for Petroleum System specialists in the Norwegian industry, academia and service companies.

We aim at reaching this goal through a regular series of seminars and lunch and learn events, expanding also into workshop-type “unconferences” which provide more informal discussion possibilities on specific topics.

The topics to be covered focus on the elements that make a petroleum system work, but also include other topics such as basin evolution or petroleum geochemistry
Monterrey Fm, California. Miocene carbonate/evaporitic source rock.

Updated: 20/03/2019