• Cores of the year

    12/08/2019 The Sedimentology and Stratigraphy group is proud to welcome you to this years Cores of the year 2019. It will be held at NPD- Vallhall.

  • FORCE Triassic Reasearch Proposal

    01/08/2019 FORCE is inviting you to the FORCE Triassic Research Proposal on August 8th at NPD, Stavanger. Our aim is to discuss and establish a framework for an industry consortium to create a high resolution correlation framework for reservoir prediction in the Triassic of the Norwegian Central and Northern North Sea.

  • Oil vs Gas: What are the limits to prospect-level hydrocarbon phase prediction?

    29/07/2019 The FORCE Petroleum Systems Group welcomes you to a lunch and learn with Andrew Murray on Oil vs Gas:What are the limits to prospect-level hydrocarbon phase prediction? Register now!

  • Summer newsletter 2019

    28/06/2019 The FORCE Secretariat wishes everyone a great summer!

  • Disentangeling Paleokarst Reservoirs

    12/06/2019 The FORCE Carbonate and Chalk Reservoirs Network Group invites you to a Lunch & Learn seminar on Disentangeling Paleokarst Reservoirs. The main event will be held at Lundin Norway in Oslo on june 26th. With Jan Tveranger from NORCE.

  • Fishbones Completion Technology

    22/05/2019 The FORCE Carbonate and Chalk Reservoirs network group invites you to a lunch and learn seminar on Fishbones Completion. The technology will be presented by the vendor themselves. Presenters from Equinor, AkerBP, Total and Lundin will share plans and experience on deployment of the needles.

  • FORCE Hackathon and Applied Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics with Oil and Gas Data

    15/05/2019 Welcome to this years ML Hackathon and Symposium! Don't miss out on this great event September 18-20.

  • Poor Production Forecast, Lunch and Learn

    14/05/2019 Force and the Integrated Reservoir Modelling Group invites you to a lunch and learn seminar on Poor Production Forecasts - Here's why and what you can do about it. May 27th at 1130 am.

  • LinkedIn

    09/05/2019 FORCE is now on LinkedIn. Follow FORCE to get the latest on seminars and events!

  • Jæren Field Trip

    30/04/2019 The Sedimentology & Stratigraphy Structural Geology group invites you to a one day field trip to Jæren. "Geological history of Jæren and onshore – offshore relationships"

  • Wave-equation based AVO inversion

    24/04/2019 There are stille seat avaiable! Register now! The FORCE Geophysical Method Group invites you to a lunch and learn seminar on wave-equation based AVO inversion, with presenters from Delft Inversion

  • To re-process or re-acquire

    02/04/2019 Have you signed up for this 1-day seminar: To re-process or re-acquire? The seismic decision? There are still seats available.

  • Basecamp

    27/03/2019 Welcome to Basecamp, the new member login.

  • Integrated production optimization on Skarv

    21/03/2019 Have you signed up for Lunch & Learn: Integrated production optimization on Skarv? There are still seats available!

  • Problem Solved

    15/03/2019 The problem with the registration has now been solved. You should be able to register to any seminar.

  • New FORCE website

    14/03/2019 Today we are launching our new website.

  • FORCE starts 2019 by welcoming a brand new member!

    12/12/2018 INPEX Norge AS joins FORCE