Have a great summer!


30/06/2021 Dear FORCE Members. Another year has passed since the last summer newsletter, but not much has changed. We are still living with the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are still working from home and have meetings and seminars on Teams. Surprisingly, that has worked out really wellfor FORCE. We saw a record-breaking year with 2509 participants in 2020! That is amazing.

2021 started out great. We have already had 15 webinars on Teams, and we’ve had our first two-day webinar with great success with 237 participants. So far, we have had 1208 participants. Maybe we can beat last year’s record?
This year, a new TC was approved. TC-Energy Efficiency and Environment was established with 3 new network groups. We are in the process of recruiting members to the new groups:

1. Energy efficient Subsurface
2. Low emission facilities and environment
3. Carbon capture and Storage.


Updated: 30/06/2021