Area Fee Exemption – digital map formats

It is possible to apply for an exemption from the area fees for the part of the production license acreage which includes deposits which have been included in the plan for development and operation (PDO).

It is likewise possible to submit an application for exemption for acreage which demarcates a prospect which has been drilled or which is geologically dependent upon a drilled prospect.

Please send Area Fee Exemption (AFEX) and deposit outlines as separate files based on the referred XML-schema definition. The file names should reflect the file-content. Example: "AFEX_.xml" or "Deposit_.xml".

Note that all polygons describing outlines are closed i.e. the first and last points are identical.

The AFEX outlines describe the acreage for which area fee exemption is applied for (can contain several production licences / blocks / polygons). The area must be described by using degrees and minutes or as described in Regulations to Act relating to petroleum activities, section 15, "Shape and size of areas". 

The Deposit outline describes one deposit. This can be listed either as decimal degrees or as degrees, minutes and seconds with decimals. If the deposit is a discovery, use the discovery name as found in the NPD-factpages. If the deposit is a field, use the field name as found in the NPD-factpages.

All coordinates reported to the NPD must refer to datum ED50.

A tool for validating XML-files is available. Please use this tool prior to sending your application to the NPD.

Go to to drag and drop your xml-files on AFEX and deposit outlines into the Validation-field. The outlines will show together with information on production licences and outlines on fields and discoveries. Check “Validation report” for possible errors. The Validator also offers download of your xml-data in file geodatabase format.


Photo of how to validate files


The screen shot shows how to validate files here:


Updated: 12/05/2021