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Reporting production data

The reporting of petroleum production data is regulated by Section 10-4 of the Petroleum Act, Sections 27, 48 and 49 of the Petroleum Regulations and Sections 33 and 34 of the Resource Management Regulations.

What must be reported?

Section 27 of the Resource Management Regulations. Daily reports during the production phase

Information on the most important production parameters such as gross/net production shall be made directly available to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) on a daily basis.

Section 34 of the Resource Management Regulations. Monthly reporting of production data

The following volume data shall be reported on a monthly basis:


  • per wellbore, facility and field
  • allocated marketable products per field
  • import/export per facility/plant
  • consumption (flare, fuel, diesel, etc.) per facility/plant.


  • per wellbore, facility and field


  • volumes at end of month


  • gas per owner and buyer
  • oil, NGL and condensate per vessel

Who must report?

The licensees in the production licences are formally responsible for fulfilling the reporting requirements. Normally, the operating company for the production licence/unit where the field is located will conduct the actual reporting on behalf of the entire licensee group.

Pursuant to the regulations, produced and injected volumes must be reported for each individual field (as listed on the NPD’s fact pages). If these volumes are not measured separately, the reporting must reflect the approved allocated volumes.

Who will receive the reporting?

There are currently no regulatory requirements relating to how the daily production data should be received by the NPD, but the prevailing practice is that the NPD can download it from the L2S portal which the licensees have determined must include daily production figures, or that the NPD receives the data as an attachment in an email directly from the operator.

Monthly production reports must be sent to the NPD in accordance with the regulations.

Quarterly reporting of sales pursuant to Section 49 of the Petroleum Regulations must be sent to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Access to data

The public has access to some of the reported data through the NPD’s fact pages. The data can be downloaded in various formats. The official production figures are also published on the NPD’s website.

Transfer formats for monthly production


The Common Production Exchange (COPEX) format is a specially developed ASCII format that has been used for monthly reporting of production and sales data to the NPD since the year 2000. See the example of the COPEX format in the right column.


Together with EPIM (E&P Information Management Association) and the operating companies, the NPD has developed a new and more efficient reporting format. This format is XML-based and is founded on the WITSML/PRODML standard from Energistics. It has been named Monthly Production Reporting Markup Language (MPRML). This format was used for the first time in 2013 to report production data on the Åsgard field. See an example of the MPRML format.

MPRML’s XSD form for version 1.0.0, which must be used for reporting to the NPD, can be found on EPIM’s website.

For more information on the web service and the website in operation, as well as for the web service for testing, please contact the NPD.

Contact, Data types:
Rune Hult

Tel: +47 51876295

Contact, Technical data:
Hans Stokka

Tel: +47 51876077

Updated: 14/03/2019

Contact, Data types:
Rune Hult

Tel: +47 51876295

Contact, Technical data:
Hans Stokka

Tel: +47 51876077