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Reporting to the revised national budget 2020 (RNB2020)

According to Section 50a of the Petroleum Regulations, operators must submit data to the revised national budget (RNB).

Each autumn, 15 October, all operating companies shall submit data and forecasts for their respective operated fields, discoveries, transportation- and utilization facilities (TUF).


The reporting to the RNB is included in the basis for the state and national budget and the Government’s oil and environmental policy. It is therefore very important that the reporting is of high quality and that the deadlines are met, so that we can meet the deadlines set by the MPE.

Schedule for the RNB2020 reporting process

15 October First report from operators
29 October at 14:00 First feedback from NPD
4 November at 12:00 Second report from operators
8 November at 12:00 Second feedback from NPD
12 November at 12:00 Third report from operator

If there are significant changes to the reporting as a result of budgetary processes in the production licenses’ management committees after 15 October, please contact the NPD as soon as possible to clarify whether there is a need to submit an updated reporting file.


The operators have been granted access to the following by 1 September:

  • Project list
  • Cover letter
  • Reporting file
  • General guidelines

Project list

This list will form the basis for the reporting. There is a separate process to handle this. Changes to the project list after 1 September must be clarified with the NPD.

The reporting file and guidelines can be found in the column to the right.

The reporting must comply with the NPD’s resource classification.

Reporting to Gassco

The operators’ reporting to Gassco’s shipping plan/transport plan is included in the reporting file. These data should be submitted to Gassco, in accordance with a separate order from Gassco.

Reporting format


The data must be reported electronically in accordance with the format in the reporting file.

Vulnerable Excel file

The reporting file must be handled and filled out correctly. Do not make changes to the spreadsheet layout and do not rename the spreadsheet tabs. The file submitted to the NPD must not contain links to other spreadsheets.


The spreadsheet colours codes

Colour codes.PNG

Light green and grey cells shall not be completed

Light grey cells are optional to complete

White cells shall/can be completed

Paste using "paste special values"

Paste using "paste special values"

The original formatting of cells cannot be overwritten. You must therefore only paste in values.

Naming files

The operators are asked to follow the naming of the reporting files as indicated in column I in the project list. File names cannot contain dates or other extra information. Please name the files according to the examples shown below:

  • Statfjord_RNB2020
  • 2_12_1_Mjølner_RNB2020
  • Gassled område A_RNB2020

Quality assurance of data before submission to the NPD

It is very important that the operator ensures the data is of high quality before they are sent to the NPD. If the NPD finds errors, deficiencies or anything that is unclear in the submitted reporting, the file will be returned with comments in the sheet “Tilbakemeldingsskjema” (Feedback form). The operator must then submit corrected reporting or responses to the comments.

Comment fields: Use the comment fields to explain significant changes in relation to the previous RNB reporting. What constitutes significant changes is explained in Chapter 6.1.3 of the guideline.

Consistency checks: If a consistency check is triggered, please correct the figures so that they correspond with each other, or explain why the figures are still reported.


If you have any questions regarding the reporting, please contact the following persons:

Area Contact Phone/
General questions and questions regarding the reporting file Tom Andersen +47 51 87 62 75/
Transfer of data, License to Share (L2S) Magnar Haugvaldstad +47 51 87 60 74/ RNB2020@npd.no


Updated: 02/09/2019