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4 - The reporting file

The reporting file has been prepared in a macro enabled excel file. The file contains several built-in macros and it contains multiple calculations and linking of data between sheets in the file. Furthermore, information is uploaded to in-house databases. It is therefore important that the structure of the file remain unchanged.

No changes shall be made in the layout of the spreadsheets, except for entering data in the white cells.

Emphasis has been placed on validation of data in the reporting file. This takes place in two ways, by:

  • controlling the entries in cells using list boxes/drop-down menus and other validation of data
  • consistency checks of the data after entry
    The consistency checks can result in various messages. Possible errors must be checked and corrected, or comments regarding the cause of the message must be provided

4.1 Spreadsheets in the reporting file

The table below shows the spreadsheets in the reporting file.

Table 4-1 The spreadsheets in the reporting file


The operators are requested to fill in the comment boxes in the reporting file. It is important for us to have updated information on the projects as well as changes in the forecasts for each project. This is also very useful in the quality control of the data sets.

Regarding discoveries in RC 4 and 5 the operator is requested to use the general comment box to briefly describe the concept.

The spreadsheet colour codes:

Colour codes.PNG

  • Grey cells shall not be completed by the operator. Grey and green cells contain either information obtained elsewhere in the reporting file, or data calculated from submitted data. Some cells are shaded grey depending on resource class or project type. Other colours might be in use to highlight new items in the file.
  • Light grey cells are optional to complete. In some cases, data are available even though the maturation level suggests otherwise. These cells are shaded light grey depending on resource class.
  • White cells shall/may be completed by the operator. Some cells will generate an error message if invalid values are entered.


4.2 General information – how to complete the reporting file

Recommended sequence for entering data.

Start completing the file at the top of the spreadsheet “Generell info og kommentarer” by completing the area"1) General information”. For fields and discoveries, then proceed to the tables under "2) Resource overview" to enter (2a) resources in place for all resource categories and (2b) recoverable resources in RC 6-8. Recoverable resources and reserves in classes lower than 6 must be stated directly in the relevant profile collection. Profile collections are opened as needed.

During completion, enter the data cell by cell or paste in the data from other sources. Note that the paste function is limited. There are some hidden rows and columns in the spreadsheets which make it impossible to paste in larger areas, try pasting lesser amounts of data at a time.

The function "Edit – Paste Special - Values" must be used when pasting data into the spreadsheets.
Do not use the command "Ctrl-V" or other methods, this will cause problems.


Updated: 02/09/2019