Drilling programme

For geo-technical content of the drilling programme, please refer to NORSOK standard D-010 Drilling and well operations, Revision 4.

For exploration wells and development wells with exploration targets, the following information should be included in the drilling programme: 

  • Well information: production licence, licensees, well name, drilling facility (name, owner, water depth, RKB/rotary table, etc.), coordinates, brief history of the production licence.
  • Geological background: regional geological location, map with coordinates for the production licence, including an outline of the prospect and well location, lithological column with depths, formations and explanatory text, pressure, temperature.
  • Presentation of the prospect: map (time and depth), geological description, velocities, intersecting seismic lines through the well, at least one geo-seismic section, volume with probability. Form, prospect data (Excel) .
  • Data acquisition: type and recipient (including the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate), criteria (e.g. for coring, WL), table showing planned formation evaluation.
  • Organisation chart showing positions, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Updated: 14/03/2019