Final reports and discovery evaluation reports for wells

Pursuant to Section 31 of the Resource Management Regulations, the following must be reported no later than six months after drilling is completed:

  1. Final well report – applies to all wells/wellbores and is submitted directly to the Diskos operator.

  2. Prognosis/Result form applies to all wildcat wells and development wells that were discoveries. The form is submitted directly to the NPD.

  3. Discovery evaluation report – only applies to discovery wells and is submitted directly to the Diskos operator.

For description of content in the Final well report and the Discovery evaluation report, see chapter 4.3 and 4.4 in the Guidelines for reporting well data (Blue Book). 

Other well reports that must be uploaded to Diskos within six months after the well is completed are listed in the attachment to the Blue Book, table A-1. This table shows how the reporting must be named, as well as the accepted structure and formats. The reporting depends on which measurements were conducted and is thus not limited to this list.

Updated: 18/08/2022