Registration of wells

Forms with correct names and additional attributes must be submitted to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. See the overview of alternative forms to the right on this page.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has guidelines for designation of wells and wellbores. You can find them here (link to NPD guidelines for designation of wells and wellbores).

The forms must be sent to the e-mail address postboks@npd.no before the new well or wellbore is drilled.

A complete overview of wells and wellbores on the Norwegian shelf can be found on the NPD’s fact pages.

Drilling programme:

NORSOK-standard D-010 Drilling and well operations, revision 4 generally applies for geotechnical content in drilling programmes. For exploration wells and development wells with exploration targets, the following information should be included in the drilling programme:

  • Well information: production licence, licensees, well name, drilling facility (name, owner, water depth, RKB/rotary table), coordinates, brief history of the production licence.
  • Geological background: regional geological location, map with coordinates of the production licence with prospect outline and well location, lithological column with depth, formations and supplementary text, pressure, temperature.
  • Prospect description: map (time and depth), geological description, speed intersecting seismic lines through the well, at least one geo-seismic section, assumed volume.
  • Data acquisition: type and receiver (including the NPD), criteria (for e.g. coring, WL), table with planned formation evaluation.
  • Organisation chart: with position, telephone, e-mail addresses.

Updated: 14/03/2019