Validation of geochemical data

Geochemical data must be sent to the Diskos database. This is stipulated in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s “Guidelines for reporting well data to authorities after completion”.

The mandatory format is GC-NPD-95. The GC-NPD-95 validator programme ensures that all files conform with a single template. The programme consists of a logical part and a catalogue part. The catalogue part reads in legitimate values (e.g. analysis types and list of wells).

You can open the GC-NPD-95 validator programme via the link in the box on the right. The user dialogue is very simple, the programme asks for a file that contains geochemical data, this file can be saved on the user’s own computer. Note that this programme does not submit data to the NPD, this must be done separately in the same way as for other well data to the Diskos database.

The GC-NPD-95-validator can also convert from the GC_NPD-95 format to "Character-separated flattened text". The file can then be read in a spreadsheet.

Updated: 14/03/2019